Salema Veliu is a holistic health Psychologist, Researcher, Author and Keynote Speaker on the impact of Eastern & Western Transformative Technology on Humanity (University of Cambridge). Her current role is that of Core Advisory & Project Management Consultant for Mental Wellness & Conversational AI at LVS AI. 


She is best known for her informative ideas and philosophical concepts around the Psychology and Neuroethics of AI in Neuroscience and in the future of Intelligence, Human Interaction and, performance. Specialising in behavioural consulting, coaching and counselling around Digital Dependency, Distraction, ai, and Technology overload. She consults across the varied sectors that include coaching, business, academia, and health and is a guest lecturer at the University of Cambridge, a member of the Coaching Alumni also coaching on the Queens Young Leaders Programme. 


Salema has taught yoga & well-being for over 15 years and has coached and mentored others around transition and change socially and economically within the holistic, corporate, and academic sectors. ​​She continues to share valuable insights from her forthcoming book through her public classes at the renown Yoga studio and brand Tri Yoga in London, radio, coaching, holistic and psychotherapy podcasts, innovative & business events, global clinical psychology conferences, and well-being shows. She has impacted many hundreds of clients with her innovative approach and has been featured in various blogs, podcasts, and magazines including Psychologies Magazine and BBC Radio.


She is a passionate advocate of ai regulation and a change-maker in this growing digital space and is uniquely placed to write her forthcoming book that looks at the positives, negatives, and challenges we all face and the direction of humanity in the age of ai. By bringing together various avenues of thought from multidisciplinary fields such as spirituality, psychology, philosophy, science, and technology. 

She is always keen to consult on similar projects that look at Psychological safety in technology for optimum wellness and balance. Salema’s work is grounded in academic and real-world learning and she is passionate about providing the foundation for the next generation of ideas, education, development, and implementation for humanity to co-exist with technology consciously.

Salema will be speaking for the association of coaching at the University of Cambridge in the fall of 2019. Delivering a workshop 'The new challenges facing coaching with technology-related behaviours & automatisation on mental health and well-being.' She is also currently in discussion with the University of Cambridge interested in developing two short courses one for their career development coaching portfolio and the other for Philosophy & Technology around the topics of her forthcoming book/s. 




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