How to thrive and survive in the digital age




Technology is a wonderful thing but with it comes a whole new set of pressures which can take their toll on mental health and in the process cause behavioural challenges namely Digital Distraction. 


Digital Life Coaching and Therapy 2.0 sessions are a unique form of coaching that takes into consideration the possible effects of technology on the individual’s behaviour and lifestyle choices. These sessions reflect and touch upon how to regulate usage and exposure to devices and social media. Exploring when this exposure is inspiring and useful and when it can be detrimental in causing stress and anxiety around who you are and what you do. Sessions are geared around working with values, beliefs to get you on track with YOUR goals to live your best life possible to promote Digital Mental Health and Well-Being.

    Session key learnings, take homes, actionable's and follow ups as part of helping us select and justify our choices include: 

    * Also suitable for Children from age 10 upwards


  • Innovative ways of looking at and promoting Digital Mental Health and Well-Being. 

  • How to manage Digital Distraction and implement Regulation and Resilience to promote a better life work balance.

  • Cultivate a better relationship between humanity and technology. 

  • Research alongside futuristic trends as different markers to address and build mental + physical awareness, resilience, and address various mental health disorders by looking at early markers in behaviour that can be used to raise awareness to potential mental health issues arising from over usage (addiction) to technology. 

  • Provides and uses foundational brain concepts in diet, sleep and lifestyle choices to educate lifestyle choices.

  • Exercises long with practices that can provide benefits neurologically and biologically for the brain, mind, and body backed by empirical research (where needed).  


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