My introduction to Coaching started when l embarked on a 11 month Coaching program with The Handel Group in New York with Elena Brower, Author, Teacher and Speaker in 2014 combining Yoga and Coaching. This was pivotal in my evolution as a teacher in questioning my life's purpose and addressing my own behaviour.  


With the experience enabling me to make further connections and see the potential for combining eastern practices and western psychology as an extremely powerful tool for healing and transformation.  Leading me to go on and graduate with Gabby Bernstein Best Selling Author, Motivational Speaker & Spirit Junkie .


These experiences of Self Enquiry came at a critical time as l was caring for and supporting my mother though dementia and really helped me find balance, compassion and acceptance.  



These two experiences proved to be the catalyst in wanting to be more psychologically and scientifically informed about the underpinnings of the brain and mind in behaviour. Leading me to University of Cambridge to study the Psychology of Coaching and Experimental Cognitive Psychology. 


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