We are standing on the precipice of an Industrial Revolution as Technology is changing how we live and what we both personally and professionally - some would call it Life 4.0.  In this evolving times it is therefore imperative that we look at more innovative solutions in how to navigate our changing world.  Which forms part of my mission; in encouraging companies and professionals to let go of the old outdated practices and approaches to leadership, performance, and well-being and instead to look at all lines of thought from the fields of eastern philosophy and western psychology, neuroscience and coaching to deliver innovative and educational approaches that engage people to find solutions to improve their personal and professional well-being by achieving a realistic work-life balance. To use innovative research alongside futuristic trends as different markers to address and build mental + physical awareness, resilience, and address various mental health disorders by looking at early markers in behaviour that can be used to raise awareness to potential mental health issues around technology.  This can be achieved in part by using foundational brain concepts along with noticing practices that can provide benefits neurologically and biologically for the brain, mind, and body backed by empirical research. 

Whilst studying at the University of Cambridge l became especially interested in empirical research in the areas of Free Will, Consciousness and Movement. Particularly in how movement affects our perception and gives us our view of the world and how to navigate it. In particular, studying the work of Computational Neuroscientist, Medical Doctor, and Engineer Daniel Wolpert. 


I began to quickly make connections between looking at the physiology of biological motion and perception through the lenses of science to my Eastern studies in Mind + Movement. From working from an Eastern perspective as a Yoga Teacher, Therapist, and Life Coach for over 15 years. l found it fascinating to look at the neural computations of motor action to understand how and why people move and behave the way they do.






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