4 LIVING LIFE 2.0

My Bespoke Digital Detox Retreats represent years of studying and practicing the science, psychology, physiology, and philosophy of mind, movement, and behaviour from an Eastern and Western perspective. Applying these learnings to understand and develop new coping mechanisms for the challenges we are all facing in our new world, where technology is determining how we live. 

These retreats focus on my specialisms in Digital Mental Health and Well-Being and consist of some of the following sessions: 


Movement-based sessions from my Evolutionary Flow method which promote and inform:

The formulation of Neural Pathways and improve learning abilities through bodily movement, listening, and vision. 


The impact that your practice has on your nervous system, how to maximise that and how it affects our internal organs, psychological states + behaviour.


Mismatched Movements to challenge the attention of tasking aspects of the brain.


Long Yin style holds to understand how the brain resists change and increase synaptic firing

 + connectivity increasing mental + physical resilience, fitness. ​


 Educational/academic presentations/workshops.


An introduction into ACT exercises in VALUES connection and communication.



Defining the differences between Digital Mental and Well-Being.

Understanding and defining what Digital Stress, Distraction + Resilience is personally and professionally.  

How to maximise the potential of your practice with a balance of movement & stillness.

 Also available in single sessions or days if you are interested in me coming along to your retreat to add something a bit extra! 

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