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Now you can join me anytime for class with this 2-hour Workshop style class offering in the stunning setting of Bhakti Yoga Shala in California. As l invite you to ignite and transform your yoga practice from a different perspective by enjoying the benefits of longer style Yin holds in familiar yoga poses static and in a flow. With well articulated and informative anatomical and energetic cues. Increasing awareness in our perception of what movement is and the origins and the physiological and psychological impact on brain functionality and behaviours. Cultivating a greater capacity for spatial awareness, orientation and processing, stamina and strength as well as flexibility in the brain, mind and body. 


Starting with a powerful Kriya for empowerment we'll move 

through a practice of standing poses to ground, hip openers and arm balances to connect and backbends to thrive. This delicious blend will have plenty of graceful alignment and well-articulated cues for the body, heart and mind. Along with affirmations and readings for inspiration and connection. Reminding you of your own potential for greatness and to show how by tuning and turning inwards to your divine nature you can overcome any obstacles that come your way and make the impossible possible.


• Learn how the tools of philosophy and psychology can help you live empowered
• Let go of unsupportive patterns
• Create and hold the space for change and transformation
• Create heat, build strength and stamina by moving and holding the poses for longer • Feel focused, energized and aligned

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