International Conference on Clinical Psychology, Paris, 23rd-24th January 2019

The effects of Technology on Society, Mind, Behaviour, and Well-Being 

Coaching Peer Supervision Group, University of Continuing Education Cambridge, March 22nd, 2019   

The effects of Technology on Society, Mind, Behaviour, and Well-Being 

University of Cambridge, Guest Academic Lecturer Feb - June 2019

How to Thrive and Survive in the age of AI

October 18th- 20th 2018

International Conference & Expo on Clinical Psychology 

The Hyatt,  Amsterdam 

Presenting ’Evolutionary Mental Health strategies through different dimensions and perspectives'.

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MAY 15th Tuesday 2018

University of Cambridge Continuing Education 

Guest Lecturing on the Undergraduate for Coaching

Lecturing on Change and the changing face of Coaching in today's Digital age and how aspects of neuroscience are providing fresher concepts into understanding clients behavior and blocks by giving insights into brain areas that are relative in evaluating clients patterns. Particularly in the case of Neuro Diagnostic Coaching along with ACT & RFT (a form of CBT) which are unique empirically based scientific & psychological interventions that use acceptance and mindfulness, commitment and behavior change strategies, to increase psychological flexibility. Well suited to one on one interventions it can also be applied to groups. 

MARCH 9th Friday 2018

University of London/Birkbeck 

The Women's Committee 

The Birkbeck Psychological Society 

Time: 6-10pm 

A simple introduction into how the benefits of yoga and meditation can provide well-being solutions to female students in managing the work, life, study balance more effectively. If you are currently studying at the University of London & Birkbeck and want to attend this event please email me directly for further details.  

May 4th, 2018

University of London/Birkbeck 

The Women's Committee 

Time: 6.30-7.30pm 

'Release and Rejoice' a post-exam lecture and interactive Workshop using yogic breathing practices, neuroanatomy stretches, brain coherence mediations focusing on the themes of 'permission and space. 

June 2017

University of Cambridge Queens Young Leaders Programme. 









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