Inbetween the signal and the noise

Certain signals and frequencies ‘white noise’ can effect + disrupt the readiness responses in the brain that influence our responses, perceptions and actions in other words how we move to navigate our social interactions with others and the world we all share.


As we grow more reliable + dependent on technology. One of my big concerns is what are the long term implications of being plugged into the Digital Matrix. 

Is being consistently connected to technology radically disrupting patterns in the brain responsible for concentration,intuition and connection? And might this effect some of the potential areas of the brain that are normally damaged by Dementia and Alzheimers. 

Furthermore does that mean that potentially we may see the disease start earlier in life due to the exposure of technology from an early age and does that mean that he Millennial generation will be more susceptible?  

As just one preventive measure then can the Holistic teachings + practices of the East help us find the space in between this White Noise to find balance, clarity + Joy. Restoring those areas and the neurons of the brain which are becoming burnt out because of overwhelm and over exposure?    


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