LIVING LIFE 2.0 The next evolutions in therapeutic and self development

interventions and deliveries  

LIVING LIFE 2.0 COACHING is a fresh and innovative approach for BUSY PEOPLE, INNOVATIVE LEADERS AND WORKPLACES to promote Digital  Mental Health and Wellbeing



Ever feel like you have no time! Between demanding jobs, social media, relationships, health, and sanity, the time has become something we hoard. Every minute counts; every moment is precious. Plus Coaching isn't usually cheap. It's life-changing and worth every penny, but that's irrelevant if you simply can't afford it.

ENTER LIVING LIFE 2.0 Coaching Programmes, reflecting the essence of our changing culture socially and economically by providing affordable coaching when needed, as it happens, in conversations usually via telecommunications such as video chats and mobile applications.

Using methodologies from Western Psychology and Neuroscience such as Action and Commitment Therapy and Related Frame Theory, to inform and maximise the potential for Quantum success both professionally and personally. With Well-Being practices where needed to support and promote good mental and physical health.

The structural style and delivery of these sessions is particularly beneficial on a global scale from the boardroom to home. Providing more intensive preventative action by using helpful resources/ tools in Self Development.



Micro 15 minutes 

Need to talk through a personal or professional situation briefly to get it off your chest? or Have a decision to make?


Mini 30 minutes 

The next progression on from the Micro Coaching where sessions are 30 minutes long so easy to fit into your lunch hour or after your yoga/meditation session.


Midi 45 minutes 

The next progression on from the MINI Coaching where sessions are 45 minutes long which gives a little more time to delve deep. Still short enough to fit into your busy day.


Maxi 60 minutes 

The last progression in Coaching LIVING LIFE 2.0 Programme where sessions are 60 minutes long. When you find you just want to build upon the foundation of what you've started.

THE BENEFITS of Micro, Mini and Midi sessions are:

You Send me a video message of the issue you’re facing.

I am prepared.

We will get to the point.

You get to process your thoughts clearly in a supportive virtual space. You get your money's worth.

You walk away HAVING done something as opposed to nothing.

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