How to thrive and survive mentally in the age of AI


                           Living life 4.0: a new approach, different delivery, smarter outcomes

  • Provides innovative ways of looking at and promoting Health Optimisation for Leadership, Performance, Productivity, and Well- Being in the digital age both professionally and personally.

  • To encourage companies and professionals to let go of the old outdated practices and approaches to leadership, performance, and well-being.

  • How to manage Digital Distraction and implement Regulation and Resilience to promote a better life work balance.

  • Uses Innovative research alongside futuristic trends as different markers to address and build mental + physical awareness, resilience, and address various mental health disorders by looking at early markers in behaviour that can be used to raise awareness to potential mental health issues. By providing and using foundational brain concepts along with noticing practices + meditations that can provide benefits neurologically and biologically for the brain, mind, and body backed by empirical research.

     Innovative Employee Support Solutions:

  • Is a solution for employees who don’t have access to private spaces during the day. These text- based communications are pushed out to employees, who can interact with ME for the individualised support they need. Programs can be catered to any need, including mental health care, wellness, or physical fitness, Personal Development and Mentoring. This is done directly from an employee’s phone and can take place anywhere on the planet.

  • Many learning specialists and leaders have very limited time to plan and organise regular and scheduled formal coaching sessions. Instead, coaching is done in micro events—as needed, as it happens, in conversations and usually in combination with web tools and mobile devices. In these situations, micro-coaching becomes the only link between learners and workers and their leaders or trainers. The success of micro-coaching, therefore, leads to better performance.

  • Emotional, practical and physical support to employees and their families around the globe.

  • -Get helpful information through text-based physical, emotional, and practical wellbeing coaching for employees.

















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