Specialisms and who l work with 

With the increased pace of life and the influence of social media and the progression of A.I. in this digital age how we communicate with each other has changed and will continue to influence our perception and interaction in the world. More importantly these particular two drivers will continue to effect our behaviour socially and economically in and how we interact with others and the world around us.  

We are all living in the digital age where stress, fear, hate,  isolation, loneliness and depression have somehow become common place. With Mental health issues, depression, anxiety, stress, and degenerative Neurological diseases on the rise. Could a refuge be found then through the popularity of yoga, mindfulness and meditation practices combined with science to help us understand how to work with our brain rather than against it?  


There are many correlations between the eastern teachings in philosophy and yoga and western science and psychology. My mission is to share these various insights as a another approach in adapting a different approach to the challenges of life and cultivate more Psychological and Emotional Flexibility.  

My Specialisms:  

Stress and Anxiety Management 

Life Transition 

Career Change 

Social, Economic and Professional adaptability of A.I. 

Who l work /consult with and in what environment : 

Private Individuals  

Yoga Teachers

Yoga Studios 

University Students



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