EVOLUTIONARY FLOW 

           Evolutionary concepts and approaches in unearthing how we frame our experiences of Movement in Life


With 15 years of studying and working from an Eastern perspective with the movement and mind in various forms I thought l knew what movement was. However this all changed when l started to study and immerse myself in the work of Cambridge Neuroscientist Daniel Wolpert whilst studying at the University of Cambridge myself. Who would become one of my biggest influences in how l understood the brain and movement and whom  sparked my interest into further studying Free Will, Consciousness and Movement. In terms of debating what comes first movement or thought. More fascinating for me that l was able to see and make certain connections between the Eastern perspective whilst teaching yoga, as Yoga focuses on movement, breath and attention (east). Then being able to see to explore movement from a (western) perspective in how we might some principles of visual spatial orientation and attention processing to these practices and movement prompting the question can Yoga be beneficial for the brain as well as the mind and body. 


Daniel's evolutionary hypotheses into how we think about the brain, mind and body reflects the essence that created Evolutionary Behavioural Consulting and inspired my creation of Evolutionary Flow Yoga. With the mission to inspire and educate people in how they think and learn about their brain, bodies and behaviour from finding and considering truths that are common and derived from independent ways of knowing ‘Consilience’. 

Classes/ Workshops are woven around a theme and subtly address conscious and unconscious cognitive and emotional patterns and behaviours around;

 - Embracing various eastern and western philosophies of the Many Self's 

-  Neuroscience of Mindfulness, Meditation and Movement (Neuroanatomy) 

 - Free Will + Movement 

 - Body, emotion and the making of consciousness 

From a physical perspective enjoy the benefits of longer Yin style holds in familiar yoga poses static and in flow with mis-matched and crossed movements used to challenge the attention tasking aspect of the brain. Increasing awareness in our perception of what movement is and the origins and the physiological and psychological impact in brain functionality and behaviours  Cultivating spatial awareness, orientation and processing, stamina and strength as well as flexibility in the brain, mind and body. 

          Some aspects of my new method are currently woven into classes at Tri Yoga London to introduce students to the concept. 


Saturdays 1.45-3pm 

Sundays 12.15-1.30pm 

Tuesdays 12.45-2pm 


Sundays 2.45-4pm & 4.15-5.30pm 

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