The H U M A N F O R M an inner + outer journey of expression

August 22, 2018

To understand movement is to understand all of creation. That's quite a bold statement l know. However, after studying and teaching movement based practices and therapy for over 15 years. Coupled with 3 years of studying the underlying computational processes of movement from the various fields of Neuroscience and Psychology. I can safely say that my perception of what movement is has been changed forever.


The basis of Neuroscientist Daniel Wolpert’s quest into why we have a brain over the last twenty- five years would appear to be the basis for us in understanding how we connect and behave with others. In other words, exploring how our movement drives our social interactions. “One of the most major functions of our brains must be to enable us to be as skillful in social interactions as we are in our interactions with the physical world.” ~ C. Frith & D. Wolpert.


All behavior is movement driven communication whether Conscious (Free Will) or Unconscious. An outer physical expression of our inner mental form. When others pick up on this it has the possibility to make them feel, understood, valued, respected, powerful, safe and unconditionally

loved. Laying the foundations for understanding, acceptance + harmony in all of our social interactions.


My formula: movement = adaptability = expression =social interaction



This essence of these theories is reflected throughout history. Firstly, from the great Artist, Technologist, and Engineer Leonardo Da Vinci ( 1452- 1519) and his methods for understanding the physiology and subsequently what gave rise to human movements and expression.


Secondly, from an Eastern perspective with the profound and contemporary teachings of J. Krishnamurti (1895-1986). The Indian philosopher, speaker, and writer, and his inquiries into the nature of mind, meditation, human relationships, and bringing about a radical change in society.

What l find fascinating is in his book "The First and Last Freedom" written back in 1954 over sixty years ago. That he inquired the same question as Neuroscientists were from the 1950's to this day in trying to understand consciousness " Do we think before we move or move before we think?". Krishnamurti infers that "That our life is a series of actions or a process of action at different levels of consciousness." Furthermore, he mentions the importance of understanding the fundamental nature of actions and the implications on society.


We could also consider the relatively of these theories in relation to how we practice and experience yoga. After all, yoga is about the struggle for conscious movement and works deeply into the connections between our psyche and physiology.


For me, this indicates that there is a strong and clear connection between the Western Sciences and Eastern Philosophies. All of which may provide us with further tools in the form of various truths and knowledge to understanding what it means to be H U M A N in the digital age.





Salema Veliu 22.8.18

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