Moving within the Matrix

October 8, 2018

What does it mean to be mean to be Human in the present day and age? 


"For example, what is it that we really value about ourselves, that makes us different from other life forms and machines? What do other people value about us that makes some of them willing to offer us jobs or come to be taught be taught by us? Whatever our answers are to these thought provoke questions , it’s clear that the rise of technology will gradually change them and our own feelings of self-worth will be affected." - Extract taken from Meg Tegmark Life 3.0 


The way we communicate and interact in every domain of our lives is changing due to the constantly updated technology particular with the progress of A.I. We are standing on the brink of unfamiliar territory in our evolution. For what we once saw in movies and on tv that seemed so far-fetched is now becoming our new reality with AI transforming our world forever.


Therefore perhaps by revisiting the philosophies of the East and combining those with what we are learning from the advances in Western science. We can better understand our evolution and where we’re heading next. 

Max Tegmark describes AI (artificial intelligence) LIFE 3.0 as a non-biological intelligence in other words intelligence outside of a living being.


Therefore through my studies and interest in trying to relate the fields of Human Psychology, Movement and AI to provide deeper insights into The Art and Science in what it means to be HUMAN in the digital age. 


I 've been playing around with a basic Yoga Algorithm towards Well-being, using some of the key components of Yoga. Thank you to all of the students these past couples of weeks who have expressed an interest after exploring some these concepts with me through my public classes at Tri Yoga London. Expect more on this in the weeks and months to come.....




Therefore when thinking of yoga, maybe we should start to look it as less of an exercise and more as a re-learning process of various inputs to maintain and restore normal fluid human movement and intelligence. 


With the poses representing the1st input and meditation representing the 2nd in which use our eyes (sight), ears (sound) and touch to give us feedback with the process being how we connect to the earth through movement, breath and intention.  


With the output being the desired outcome, the conscious movement /the attainment of yoga, a bit in sorts like a computer.  


Which in turn will affect how we find our perceive our reality and how we behave in that reality and with each other. 

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