In between the signal and the noise The possible impact and connection to early onset Dementia?

June 9, 2019

Certain signals and frequencies ‘white noise' can disrupt the readiness responses in the brain that influence our responses, perceptions, actions. Contributing to how we move around and navigate our social interactions with others and the world we all share.


I, like many others, love technology however with it's increasing presence in our world. Comes more challenges along with some important questions like; What really are the long term implications of being plugged into this Digital & Technological Matrix and can we or what routes are we taking to make the technology safer? 


No 1 New York Best Selling Author and TEAM HUMAN Advocate Douglas Rushkoff recently expressed that it may be the evolving software that is messing with our psyches and not necessarily the Technology itself.


So how can we engage and protect ourselves at the same time as we grow more reliable and dependent on technology? And I'm not just talking about smartphones and laptops or even looking at the internet. But also our household appliances, should we be more aware for example of how many we have, where they are positioned, even where the router/s are. Why, because even when these devices are idle. They are still transmitting fluctuating radio waves which carry electromagnetic radiation which can damage the DNA inside of cells. Especially if you've recently noticed an increase in sleep distribution, migraines and nose bleeds. Whilst most devices carry and omit lesser frequencies the fact is they still omit them. 


My cousin's wife is an Engineer and this topic is a big part of her research in Canada. Where she uses the device you see in this post. I had never used one before let alone in a restaurant. But we conducted our own little bit of research whilst we were having lunch. To observe the frequency and strength of these waves in a neutral setting. What we saw was very alarming. For even when you are just chilling out eating out. Your senses and your brain are still getting battered by these waves.  


So could constant and ongoing exposure to technology radically disrupt patterns in the brain responsible for concentration, intuition, and connection? Furthermore, might these effects contribute to some of the potential areas of the brain that are normally involved in and damaged by Dementia and Alzheimers.


If that's a possibility does then does that also mean that potentially we may see the disease start earlier in life due to the exposure of technology from an early age? And does that mean the Millennial generation will be more susceptible?  


We already know from the amazing work of Neuroscientist Richard Davidson at the Healthy Minds Institute.



The positive effects thatMeditation and Mindfulness have on Brain Health. So then should we all be meditating as prevention of our Neurons getting burnt out because of too much overwhelm and overexposure to our devices? 


Can looking at the Eastern Philosophies also to help us not just with our unhealthy Distraction and Dependency to Technology but also to help us reconnect to our VALUES? To help us find the space in between this White Noise to find balance, clarity + Joy. Restoring those areas and the Neurons of the brain which are becoming burnt out because of overwhelm and overexposure?    

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