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Set out to challenge the way we understand and perceive what movement is and how it affects our mind + behaviour in how we navigate our world and social interactions. It aims to help practitioners understand the link between how behavioural patterns, identity, and values affect lifestyle choices. Providing a different road map into uncovering and reconnecting to the potential that lays within and our connection to each other. Explore how to enhance and reframe your physiological and emotional endurance, rewire your neurology and redesign your thinking. As you experience well-aligned asana with precise postural alignment promoting a deeper architectural awareness. Contemplative meditations and insightful self-reflection to nourish your soul and help you to sustain a supportive and loving with yourself and others. Bringing about a heightened sense of presence in your daily life to help you feel more at ease in your body and your mind and leaving you with a feeling of profound internal wellness and inspiring a revitalised commitment to your personal practices of yoga, meditation, and your life.

Salema’s unique style of teaching movement comes from combining her eastern background with her Academic studies and work in the areas of Coaching, Cognitive Psychology, Computational Neuroscience, Philosophy, AI and robotics. Encapsulating the physiology of biological motion through the lenses of science. Providing practitioners with valuable insights into how and why they move and behave the way they do. A more humanistic approach to mental and physical fitness focusing on the neurological basis for movement, behaviour and the relationships between them. Exploring the science of Compassion, Well-Being, and Human connection as a way to promote better mental and physical health.

Physically focuses on the importance of creating space in the joints as well as the muscles by using varied oscillations in certain poses.

Fluid and Static movements help cultivate and embrace the qualities of effort and grace the duality of life.

Movements cross-lateral, lateral and, asymmetrical that not only benefit the body anatomically but also cognitively helping snap the brain out of automated mode and helping to improve memory.

The framework of the practice includes options to pulsate in certain poses targeting and building strength through the core muscles and helping cultivate a better connection between legs, pelvis, and core.

Long Yin style holds are used flow and non-flow to understand how the brain resists change and increases synaptic firing and connectivity increasing mental + physical resilience, fitness.

Mismatched Movements are sometimes used to challenge the attention of tasking aspects of the brain.

Philosophy: Every class is based around a theme taken from Eastern and/or Western Philosophy. Including working with Eastern Chakra Philosophy to understand how to work with identity and values often sprinkled with elements of Neuroscience to provide some additional insights into the psyche.

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