Surely in order to thrive, one must be aware of our outer environment as well as our inner. By cultivating a bigger interest in our past and present we might just yet make the future a better place to spend our time. Eastern philosophy focuses on these very aspects by creating practices that help us gain a greater appreciation for all of life. As well as focusing on how we might yet find better ways of behaving and accepting others to do good rather than harm. Becoming a global citizen for good. Values help us define the right problem areas to focus on not just for our own personal gain but also for the collective. This should also be considered in Business. What do l want to achieve? What do l need to be aware of internally and externally? and finally what are the steps that l or my organization could take to achieve in some part the outcome that will be beneficial for all.

Enter Effective Altruism click on the link below to watch Will MacAskill's latest Ted Talk where he makes a compelling argument against focusing on the negative and taking more time to focus on the positive. 

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