My fascination with the brain, mind and body started from a 'Burn out' in my thirties which promptly forced me to address my life path and purpose. Having used yoga, philosophy, meditation as a healing modality in my own recovery. l wanted to share the benefit of these tools with others as a alternative way towards healing. I have now been teaching the benefits of yoga, meditation and well-being for over a decade in London, New York, LA and Europe. l have been blessed to study and certify with many great Yoga, Movement, Mindfulness and Meditation teachers from various schools of yoga and philosophy ; Iyengar, Scaravelli, Anusara, Kundalini, Yin, Jivamukti. As well as continuing my studies of somatic movement studying in Thailand for Thai Yoga Massage and Therapy and Yoga Therapy. 


​l continue to share my evolving valuable academic insights and teachings though my public classes, workshops and retreats in London, New York, LA and Europe. My work has been featured in various blogs and publications including Psychologies Magazine and Women’s Health and Fitness, teaching for The Secret Yoga Club, Lululemon at The Royal Opera House and The Royal Academy of Art in London, The Yoga Show, Mind Body Spirit Festival and l've been featured on BBC Radio as well guest hosting a monthly health and fitness show on a local London radio station. 


​The connections l've made from teaching and studying movement and behaviour from eastern and western perspectives have led me to create a new approach to a yoga practice 'Evolutionary Flow'. Looking at the physiology of biological motion and perception through the lenses of science and the neural computations of motor action to understand how and why people move and behaviour the way they do.


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