Embodiment, Consciousness and Cognition 



 Embodying the Mind and Representing the Body - read the full paper here

Another amazing paper that balances the enquiry from a Western Cognitive Neuroscience perspective is the above paper by Adrian Alsmith again this time joining forces with Frederique de Vignemont which explores if the existence of body representations undermine the explanatory role of the body? Or do certain types of representation depend so closely upon the body that their involvement in a cognitive task implicates the body itself? In the introduction of this special issue we explore lines of tension and complement that might hold between the notions of embodiment and body representations, which remain too often neglected or obscure. To do so, we distinguish two conceptions of embodiment that either put weight on the explanatory role of the body itself or body representations. We further analyse how and to what extent body representations can be said to be embodied. Finally, we give an overview of the full volume articulated around foundational issues (How should we define the notion of embodiment? To what extent and in what sense is embodiment compatible with representationalism? To what extent and in what sense are sensorimotor approaches similar to behaviourism?) and their applications in several cognitive domains (perception, concepts, selfhood, social cognition).

In one of my first Research Modules at University of Birkbeck, l had to critically review Adrian J.T. Alsmith, Elisa R. Ferre and Matthew R. Longo's research and findings on Visuo spatial orientation, processing and perspective taking. Very briefly this study proposed that humans move from 2 points interestingly the head or torso which determines our point of reference in how we perceive and move in location to objects and locations. I find this research fascinating especially as l teach embodiment of movement + mind through yoga. This then became the catalyst for me to explore movement awareness in my students though their attention processing abilities that hopefully mindful breathing would increase as well as sensory feedback from the environment. Further more, l carried out an uncontrolled experiment to test this whilst at Cambridge at Cam Yoga report to follow (as l need to properly write it up! 

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